Monday, November 18, 2013

Love That Makes The Heart Flutter

Flip. Flop. Flutter. 
This sequence has been my heart's most recent rhythm; and, I don't need a cardiologist to tell me that it is an abnormal rhythm because I myself know the internal feelings that are directly associated with it, so I'm self diagnosing it to be a good (actually, great!) rhythm.  

As my sweet niece Emma becomes older, it is without a doubt obvious that she is becoming more aware of the people who are around her the most. Since she's learned to say my name, I've literally compared myself to a crumbling cookie or melting heap of ice cream. "Emi" never sounded so sweet. So, even more recently, she's been more aware of her surroundings and has been incredibly cute clinging to me (and I'm sure others too, but in my mind it's just me) when we're parting. Last week, I once went to put Emma down on the floor and her tiny legs and feet immediately resisted making contact with the floor all while she cried "Emi." Oh, and let's not forget last night as I left her birthday party and attempted parting ways with her at the front door and she melted to the floor, with tears streaming, again crying, "Emi!" 

As these events with my niece have recently been occurring, I've been unable to stop comparing it to how God Himself must feel when we cry out His name, begging to be in His constant presence. What joy God must feel when He is offered our undivided attention in an exceptionally chaotic world that attempts to impede on our attention that should be placed on Him. 

Oh, the simple and great lessons we can learn from a child who is almost 2 years-old! Please read the Bible verses below that i've recently been reminded of:: 

Deuteronomy 6:5// "And you must love the Lord your God with all your heart, all your soul, and all your strength." 

Malachi 1:2A// "I have loved you deeply," says the Lord. 

As for you Miss Emma, God has truly blessed me! "Emi" loves you! 

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