Monday, February 10, 2014


Without going into too much detail via internet, let me just say… life is rough, life is hard, and life is often messy, really messy! Some life events I've recently been involved with seem like they shouldn't and can't be real. (Pinch! Shoot, I am awake and living!) But here is my most recent and repeated prayer, "Help God! I feel like I'm the main character of a Bible story; hurt and broken, praying for healing, and begging you to teach me how to forgive and love just like you love me. Teach me to also love the unloveable, God."

Love appears superficially to be such a simple concept, but if you take time to further examine it, it is complex. Love can be an idea, thought, emotion, and/or action. Love is patient, kind, forgiving, and often a choice! I guess a better way to say this is, "What isn't love?" 

When we are hurt by individuals or events, it is our natural, earthly inclination to withdraw or lash out. God teaches us that neither is appropriate, ever. Sometimes love hurts and is honest, other times love is patient and sweet. As this week involves Valentine's Day, I challenge you to investigate with me what love really is. Seek help from a Godly devotional, a Godly individual, or your Bible's concordance to understand God's love; for if we strive to understand God's love we will have a clear picture of what love truly is. If you find it difficult to love someone this week simply ask God, "Help me" and listen for a response and seek scripture as soon as possible, as this is where most of our direct answers from God come from. Be willing to do your part in understanding REAL love.

Also, do not let your heart, mind, or society decide how you will love, for all are deceitful. Seek one source, God, for true direction in understanding and showing love. 

1 John 4:19//"We love because he first loved us."

P.S. If you have a SmartPhone, download the free 'Bible' app. After the app is downloaded, register yourself in the 'Plan' titled "Why Does God Love Me?" You'll be provided with daily Bible verses that I've found helpful in explaining God's love and how we are to love others.

Happy Valentine's week lovely readers! 

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