Monday, January 27, 2014


This post contains a pledge that I strongly urge you to take daily, weekly, and moment-by-moment, just like I do. Now, recite...

"I, (insert your name here), am beautiful. I am created in the very image of my heavenly Father. I am fearfully and wonderfully made. I love my quirks, my flaws, and every imperfection that makes me, me! Nobody is like me, and for that reason I am a crucial, vital vessel to the world that can make a positive change." 

I bet if I asked you to state 5 things you disliked about your body or self you could list that many or more, right? One of my goals with 360º Girl is to help girls and women establish self-confidence, learn to embrace their imperfections, and to love their bodies. My frustration with this world and the society we live in is MONSTROUS. I'm personally tired of being fed to believe that my appearance is to be perfect, always. I don't know about you, but I can't keep up. I'm tired, making little to no progress in obtaining optimal beauty, and feel like I've not enough money in the bank to acquire the perfect skin, smile, hair, and nails. I've taken THE pledge. Together, let's make perfection the enemy! 

As far as I'm concerned, there is one standard I have to live up to and that's God's. Remember, God is only concerned with that beautiful heart of yours. Oh, and can I mention that as I'm writing this post, Franscesca Battistelli's song "Free to Be Me" just came on. "Holy" cow; God is so awesome!

"On my own, I'm so clumsy but on Your shoulders I can see… I'm free to be me." 

Embrace God today and discover with His help that you are beautiful on the inside and outside. Learn to love yourself, quirks and all. Feel free to share a picture of yourself on social media using #BeYourSelfie being your true "selfie."

So what do ya' say? Let's create a beautiful change in our world being our true selves! Embrace how there is nobody else like you; it's so freeing! Look for more blog posts concerning discovering yourself and embracing the good, bad, and ugly soon! For more inspiration, listen to Britt Nicole's song, "Gold" and read Proverbs 139.14.

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