Thursday, March 27, 2014

How to Have a #GodMoment

Ever wonder how others around you know more, experience more, or appear to have more? The phrase, "Nothing comes free or without hard work" is true. Think about it… others know more or have more because they have invested their time and energy into something they have deemed important and have worked hard toward achieving the set goal(s). Knowing God is just as simple, really. In order to know more about Him, hear Him, and to have "God moments," we must invest. Knowing God does not happen magically without hard work, possible persecution, or change, but is free if you are willing to invest. 

As I continue to grow in my faith, I have found the following tools to be very helpful in allowing me to experience #GodMoments. My prayer is that you'll too find them helpful!

1. Use quiet time effectively. As good as a quick nap often feels, spare minutes of your day can be spent reading a Bible verse or two, praying, or journaling. You may also consider creating a specific time each day to work on your devotions; consistency works! 

2. Journal. As a psychiatric nurse, I can tell you that journaling is very therapeutic for your mind and soul. Whether or not you enjoy journaling is either here nor there. If you lack a mentor or close friend, utilize sheets of paper and a pen to express your thoughts. Also, journaling can help you identify common themes. If you're wondering what you should study or work on, read previous journal entries you have created.

3. Roadtrip to the bookstore. Find a Christian study on an area of life you are struggling with or seeking to grow in. If you are interested in a study or book, you're much more likely to read/study it. 

4. Use a concordance. In the back of your Bible there is a very valuable resource known as the concordance. If you are seeking to learn about a particular subject or topic, find the word or related word, and you're instantly provided with a list of Bible verses that are directly related to the subject you are wanting to research. 

5. Surround yourself in Christian fellowship. You are a product of your environment. If you are surrounded by those who believe in God, it becomes easier to learn, grow, and be more fully aware of #GodMoments. Join a Bible study or find a positive mentor and see how your faith changes and expands. Also, those positive individuals in your life can help you identify #GodMoments that you thought were just coincidences.

6. Make it a priority, not a chore. If you are willing to invest your time, results will happen.

7. Be patient. Easier said than done, I know! God's timing is His timing; don't rush Him. Continue to research, learn, and grow to see what it is God wants you to know. Answers may come years from now or maybe never in your earthly lifetime but God's got it handled perfectly. 

8. Accept. Change is hard and often unappreciated. Be prepared for God's answer that may be different than yours and don't lose faith. In order to achieve goals and grow in our faith, we must be adaptable and accepting. 

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