Wednesday, January 8, 2014

A BIG God Moment

Alright, it's getting real! I've had a BIG God moment today and I've just got to share! 

I often ask God why He lead me to taking a career as a psychiatric nurse who works with a very vulnerable population, how my love of creativity, beauty, and fashion can be used for His glory as this is what I'm passionate about, why recent events with my family have been what they are, and what I can do to surrender more of myself to Him and show others His amazing and unfailing love. Well, I think I've been shown my answer today after picking up Hayley DiMarco's book God Girl that was given to me as a Christmas gift.

It's hard to believe that over two years ago I had the idea of starting 360 Girl.  (Click on the link for more info) As I've recently returned to blogging, reading the aforementioned book, and studying God's Word, it has been God who has reopened my eyes to starting 360º Girl. Honestly, I've felt very discontent with my current job (however, I am thankful to be employed!) for some time now and have been seeking other opportunities without them coming to fruition. Yes, this has been discouraging but many pieces of the puzzle are starting to fit together and I'm FINALLY realizing them. 

In starting to read God Girl this morning, I couldn't help but let a few tears fall. Originally I found the book to be slightly juvenile but the more I read, the more I understood why this book was given to me, and why a copy of the same book was given to my youngest sister who is at the impressionable and challenging age of 15. Many of the book's topics are exactly the focus of what I hope God's idea of 360º Girl will become and what I must learn to help girls in finding their TRUE identity in God, not in relationships with men or according to the world. 

I have every intention of saying many prayers that this book will be moving for my 15 year-old sister (and even me) as we work through it together. I also pray God will reveal more of what I am to know about working with young girls. This morning, I ask you to please pray about 360º Girl. The ideas have been given to me but now I must take action; now, how to go about this? 

P.S. I hope years from now I look back at this blog post and see how an idea that literally popped into my mind one morning became a life changing organization for young women who not only find themselves in Christ but share the love, His love… hence 360º.


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  1. I love reading what u have to say! And how well u get your point accross ! Best of luck to you and your awesome family!


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