Tuesday, January 14, 2014

Beauty Bestowed: Perfume

"Excuse me miss/sir, but what perfume/cologne are you wearing?" 

You laugh, but I know you've done it! A woman/man walks up next to you and you can't help but ask what perfume/cologne she/he is wearing because it just smells so good. You're dying for them to tell you so you can head over to the department store to buy a bottle for yourself or your significant other. Well, check out this new concept I've learned. What if every day we woke up putting on the perfume or cologne of God? What if we actually doused ourselves in a whole bottle of "God" and had others thinking, "Whew! What is he/she wearing? I want that!" Through recent discovering in God's word, I've been reminded that my personal actions, behavior, demeanor, and words are reflective of the one true God I worship. I'm sure if you know me personally, you can list numerous times or ways I've acted unlike my Savior. But it's the striving to be like God and asking for forgiveness that washes away my (and your) mistakes in poor decision making. I want to spread the sweet aroma of God's steadfast love and forgiveness, how about you? We must strive in everything we do to be like God, even though it is humanly impossible, because others are constantly watching (or "smelling" for purposes related to this blog post)! Let your "God" perfume be so strong today and every day that people want to know what you're wearing! If they see how happy, content, loving, forgiving, and accepting you are, they are learning about God whether they realize it or not.

 Give others a reason to want to approach you and ask, "What are you wearing?" After all, it is our God given job to be the sweet perfume to an odorous, perishing world. 

Proverbs 27:9// "Just as lotions and fragrance give sensual delight, a sweet friendship refreshes the soul." 

John 15// "I am the true vine; my Father is the gardener… (please read this entire chapter!!! 

Now, as this is a beauty post, I know you're wondering, what perfumes I am going to recommend. Well, Juicy Couture's Viva La Juicy and pureDKNY are my recent go-to's and rediscoveries. What recent discoveries in the "scent world" have you been loving?  

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